Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

The Truth Reading Revolution

The Truth Reading Revolution

An Amazing Fact: Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press has been called the most important invention of the last thousand years.  In the 1450s, it revolutionized the production of books.  The Gutenberg Bible was the first major book printed on the new invention, and only 150 copies were produced. Amazingly, forty-nine of them still exist today and are considered the most valuable books in the world.  Each one is worth over $35 million. 

Gutenberg PressHow tragic to own a Bible worth $35 million and never experience the treasure worth even more inside! These original Gutenberg Bibles generally sit in dark vaults or highly secured museum displays.  Yet with your help, millions of seekers are reading Amazing Facts Bibles, Study Guides, and hundreds of other books and magazines produced by our growing publishing department each year.

The printing press brought a revolution of reading, but naturally, Bibles and Christian books were not the only things printed.  The devil saw to it that stores and libraries were soon overflowing with evil writings that distracted people from the Word of God.

Sadly, even after five hundred years, there are still multitudes around the world locked in biblical ignorance.  But there is something you can do to bring another revolution of reading truth!

Paper Still Pleases

I see it frequently when I fly—a sharply dressed, young businessperson sitting across the aisle working on his laptop computer.  Then he puts away his computer and pulls out a real-life book as big as a brick.  These young professionals are clearly into state-of-the-art technology, but when they want to relax and read, they opt for an old-fashioned book they can hold in their hands.

At Amazing Facts, we know people still want something in their hands.  Just ask the 87,000 students enrolled in our correspondence Bible school!  In 2016, we sent out more than 1.3 million individual items to searching souls—a 7 percent increase from 2015.  Requests for literature continue to climb.

Of course, one thing we don’t print is money.  It is your generous gifts that have enabled Amazing Facts to stay in the sacred publishing business.  Your partnership places thousands of Scripture-based books, magazines, and Bible lessons before searching eyes to educate masses of souls about God’s truth for our times.

We know these quality spiritual resources change lives.  Just ask Mike and Linda …

Mom Sent a Book

Mike, Linda and DBLinda grew up a Catholic attending Sunday school.  Mike was raised a Sabbath keeper but drifted away from church during his teen years—and he stayed away for three decades. But eventually, he longed to return to the biblical teachings of his childhood.

Mike’s mother then encouraged them to watch Amazing Facts programs.  “I had long resisted,” says Mike.  “But my mom just kept urging us to connect with Amazing Facts.  Then she sent us Doug Batchelor’s book The Richest Caveman.  Reading it led us to watch Amazing Facts online.”

There is still power in the printed page!  Eventually Mike and Linda watched the whole Landmarks of Prophecy series and were baptized.  Mike even sacrificed his job at an auto dealership in order to keep the Sabbath.

I could go on telling stories like this for hours.  You are leading thousands to Christ every year through Amazing Facts publishing resources.

Gutenberg Still Needed!

I wish you could stand with me in our shipping department and watch our workers packing and shipping hundreds of Bible lessons every day.  You helped to send out nearly 540,000 pieces of free literature so far this year! Your gifts are causing a reading revolution around the world.

Warehouse WorkerHere is just a sample of what your gifts made possible in 2016:  The Amazing Facts Book of Bible Promises, updated Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, A Cloud of Witnesses devotional, Hero of Hacksaw Ridge, and The Day of the Lord sharing magazine.

And today you can help us finish the work of creating a new afterlife sharing magazine and witnessing tracts, a reformation lesson book and DVD series, the Spanish version of The Day of the Lord magazine, God’s Amazing 8: Laws of Health, and so much more.

We’ve come a long way since Gutenberg, friend!

Sharing Printed Truth

But the Amazing Facts sharing resources you’ve helped create aren’t just for those in distant lands.  Our evangelistic materials are meant for you.  You can pick them, walk across the street, and share them with your neighbor.

Since their baptism, Mike and Linda are actively sharing the truth—telling people about and sharing the blessing of printed truth by handing out over seven thousand copies of Hero of Hacksaw Ridge in their hometown.  This book features an invitation for free Bible studies.  And today Mike and Linda are distributing free Bible Study Guides weekly!

You Are Special

Mike shares, “Amazing Facts helped us get to where we are today.  Thanks to all who help … including those who partner financially with Amazing Facts to make this ministry possible.  Without these special people, our testimony would not be a testimony at all!”

You are the “special people” who deserve the thanks from the thousands who have come to know Jesus through Amazing Facts.  But there are millions more waiting to hear God’s final message.

Will you prayerfully consider converting another revolutionary gift into published truth to convert lost souls?  Let’s keep pressing the truth revolution forward!

Publishing the good news,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
Pastor Doug

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