Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
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Why I Gave!

At Amazing Facts we have one mission—to spread the good news of God's love and Jesus' soon coming; but there are many different reasons why you partner with us. Here are a few responses to the survey, 'Why do you support Amazing Facts?' that inspire and encourage us. We always love to hear your reasons, so if you have time, please tell us, Why do YOU support Amazing Facts?

I have listened to Doug Batchelor for years and his 'What does the Bible say?' philosophy is what I believe in. Too many religions have traditions instead of bible truth. Very refreshing for those of us who want to do what God says.

I used to go to church regularly but last year my mother had two strokes six months after her 100th birthday.  Because I take care of her at home by myself, you are my lifeline to the church.

I love the Lord and I love happy people and stories of people who have found hope in Jesus. I have found your ministry authentic and Christ centered. I have been blessed by what I've heard and I want others to hear the good news you proclaim. Thank you!

I support Amazing Facts because it has been instrumental in helping me understand the Bible, and the gospel of Christ. And I would like others to experience this also.

I support Amazing Facts because Amazing Facts has sent me so many great reading material for free. This reading material has helped me grow in faith and in my relationship with Christ. Thank you so much!

I am able to listen to Amazing Facts via the internet at any time that suits me, I find this enormously comforting, I want other people to be able to do the same.

I long for Christ to return and take us home to heaven with Him. Since the gospel must first go to all the world, I am giving what I can to make it possible for Him to come quickly. God bless Amazing Facts as you preach the gospel to all the world!

I truly believe that Jesus is only a heartbeat away now!!! I love Pastor Doug and all staff members of this ministry that preaches God's truth to a spiritually decaying world. Pastor Doug isn't afraid to preach the straight word of God!!!

I am elderly and my health is not too good so I feel that if I make a donation it will help others to do the work that I am not able to do physically. God bless you.

I believe God is coming soon and there are many who need to know of His love and salvation before then. I am not gifted to preach or teach and so by supporting your ministry I believe I can contribute in some small way to the salvation of many.

Our whole family has greatly benefited from the sermons and insights provided by this ministry on YouTube. Please consider filming more kid sermons! My preteens find Pastor Doug's preaching very appealing.

I appreciate Doug's no nonsense, no apology presentation of truth in formats that can reach nearly everyone.  We need more of that in this time in earth's history.



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