Being a Fearless Witness

Being a Fearless Witness

An Amazing Fact: When John Paton announced in 1858 that the Lord had called him to do mission work among the cannibals in the New Hebrides Islands, he said, “If I can but live and die serving the Lord Jesus, it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by cannibals or by worms.” And by the time he died 50 years later, nearly the entire population of the New Hebrides had been converted for Christ!

Wouldn’t you love to be a fearless witness for Christ like John Paton?

Reading about his courageous faith, I was reminded of the bravery of Stephen, who courageously proclaimed Christ before a sea of angry men bent on killing him. His impassioned gospel presentation to them still gives me chills!

And who can forget the fearless reformers like Luther, Tyndale, and Knox—each willing to stand before kings as witnesses for their faith in the face of terrible persecution?

John PattonWell, we’re not all called to share our faith before earthly rulers. However, many of us certainly feel a deathly fear when just thinking about witnessing to a friend or family member!

But whether we are literally dragged before kings or simply sitting next to a stranger on an airplane, we are all called to share our faith. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14).

So it deeply saddens me that many churches are neglecting one of our most important missions—training believers to be faithful and fearless witnesses for Jesus Christ!

AFCOE and the Undying Spirit of Evangelism 

I’m sure you agree that many of our churches are filled with far more pew warmers than soul winners. Week after week, millions quietly sit disengaged as opportunities to share their love for Christ drift by them—frozen by fear, inexperience, or, perhaps, worldly distractions.

Friend, I’m telling you this has to change soon if we’re going to be the generation that sees Christ coming in the clouds! That’s why Amazing Facts has developed a new plan to help inspire and mobilize more members for ministry than ever before! You can help us teach new believers and seasoned saints—young and old, male and female—to become fearless disciples for Jesus!

It is my earnest prayer that you will catch this vision with me and make the exponential growth of the great commission your number one priority!

You’ve heard the expression, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day—but teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Likewise, the only way we’re going to get the gospel to spread exponentially is by teaching a multitude of members to become an army of evangelists! 

AFCOE to Go GroupOver the last decade, the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) has been an incredibly effective disciple-making program. With experienced, professional instructors and hands-on experience, this modern “school of the prophets” has trained thousands of members to be powerful soul winners. And with your support, we plan to train thousands more in 2014!

Your investment in AFCOE is multiplied like the loaves and fishes, because each trained disciple is equipped to go out and make even more disciples. AFCOE is one of our best ministries, by God’s grace, producing multiplied eternal dividends!

Many graduates have gone on to become pastors, Bible workers, missionaries, and evangelists. For instance, Jesica is a young, vibrant Bible worker in San Francisco who says it’s urgent that our churches develop a culture of evangelism, something she saw AFCOE bring to her church firsthand. “AFCOE shows us how to share Jesus at a time when so many of our churches are dead because members aren’t sharing their faith. AFCOE will bring revival because when most of our members are witnessing for Jesus, a greater measure of the Holy Spirit will be poured out.” 

Amen! But if we want God’s remnant church to be full of empowered disciples, AFCOE needs you more than ever …

An AFCOE Crash Course 

Because AFCOE has been so successful, we want to do everything possible to make it more available to more people in more places.

So we’ve recently enhanced AFCOE to provide “evangelism training on the road.” It’s a crash course in personal evangelism for busy people! We want to offer this training to more churches and conferences, so we’ve created the new AFCOE to Go, which is a weekend of intense outreach training and materials that can come directly to your church.

We’re making this training affordable for members by coming to them and reducing our fees. But to fill this funding gap means we need you to be the bold, unshakable bridge God wants you to be. When you give this month, you’ll make it possible to equip thousands to be better soul winners this year—not only in America, but also through our schools in Indonesia, India, and Europe.

Jesus taught His apostles to fish for men, and thousands were baptized. If we can teach His followers to be fearless witnesses once again, the everlasting gospel would spread like wildfire once again. Will you please help us make sure this new training program can grow God’s kingdom exponentially? I look forward to your gift of faithfulness soon.?

Your friend in raising up bold soul winners,

Pastor Doug 

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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