Landmarks of Prophecy- Planning for the Final Countdown

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An Amazing Fact: On April 3, 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology launched the world’s newest instrument for measuring time—the F2 atomic clock. Atomic clocks are vital for the synchronization of telecommunication equipment and other devices like your GPS. Under development for more than 10 years, this ultra-precise clock is based on the vibration of the cesium atom and is accurate to within one second in 300 million years. But God’s timing is even better than an atomic clock … it never fails! (Matthew 24:35).

I have no doubt that you’ve been hearing God’s prophetic alarm clock ringing loudly to wake up His sleeping saints. Several major prophetic landmarks indicate our Bridegroom is fast approaching! (Matthew 25:6).

That’s why it is so important for you and I to make the most of the brief window of time remaining and faithfully proclaim the truth of salvation and Jesus’ soon return. I pray that you would join me in this vital mission, to sound the trumpet and call people out of the deceiver’s confusions and into God’s kingdom..

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Landmarks of Prophecy 

Now, friend, please don’t mistake me for an alarmist. I recognize that several more significant events must transpire before Jesus returns in the clouds. But over the past year, we’ve witnessed seismic shifts in the religious and cultural world that are setting the stage for the final prophetic pieces to fall into place..

Make no mistake: The momentum is building! So let’s consider some current trends that signal even more noteworthy events are just around the corner …

Pope Francis has experienced a meteoric rise to popularity, becoming one of the most prominent players on the international stage. The secular TIME magazine named him man of the year, and major Evangelicals and Pentecostals—from Joel Olsteen to James Robinson—have pledged to work with Pope Francis for Christian unity. And not only did President Obama visit the Vatican, leaders of Israel and Palestine visited the pope for special prayer. Even Muslim prayers were offered in the Vatican! It all reminds me of Revelation 13:3: “… all the world wondered after the beast.”

Dinner with the Pope Spiritism is on the rise, and worse, it’s spreading within the Christian church. With people of faith flocking to films like Heaven Is for Real and bestselling books like Proof of Heaven, more unsuspecting souls are opening their hearts to “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1).

Hollywood is fully committed to distorting other Bible truths—with grossly inaccurate films like Noah and an upcoming film about Moses, a major reboot of the deceptive Left Behind series, which promotes the secret rapture doctrine. It’s the perfect platform to warp the truth about God for those who don’t read the Scriptures.

Entire mainline churches are endorsing homosexuality, and citizens that express their objections to gay marriage are being fired from their jobs or are being sued for discrimination. Sound like Revelation 13:17?

Opportunity at the End of the Age 

Landmarks posterSome might see these troubling developments as a reason to head for the hills. But Jesus has not called us to put our light under a bushel. While we still have freedom, you and I must boldly proclaim the three angels’ messages to a world spiraling out of control.

So this coming October, Amazing Facts will present these urgent, unchanging Bible truths in a brand-new series called Landmarks of Prophecy. Broadcast live on 3ABN and AFTV from Albuquerque, New Mexico, this fresh, 22-part prophecy series will give seekers clear insight into the future and the practical tools to thrive as followers of Jesus here and now.

We’re also making it available on the web via YouTube live stream, making it easier than ever for God’s army to share His precious end-times truths with friends, family, and coworkers. This is an entirely new, powerful outreach engine to reach millions more people on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones—tens of thousands more than could ever fill our local venue in Albuquerque.

All Hands on Deck

I’m very excited, as it’s been a decade since we presented a major evangelistic event like this in North America.
And we’re not holding back, because we can’t afford to. Can I humbly ask you to join in this effort in three important ways?

(1) Prayer. This just might be our most important outreach event ever—at the most crucial time in history for the church. The devil will certainly not let this happen without a fight. 

(2) Use Landmarks of Prophecy to reach your community! Visit to see how you can participate in this incredible outreach opportunity—we have free brochures, posters, and more for download. Get your church involved!

(3) Finally, your faithful support is essential. Your gift will cover the expenses for the Bible lessons, set design, meeting location, satellite uplink, media production, and web streaming. We estimate a cost of $275,000, so it’s important for you to boldly step forward in faith. Your gift will also help distribute this series as a DVD set and TV broadcast that you can use for sharing and outreach for years to come!.

Imagine a fresh, visually crisp, modern presentation of the everlasting gospel that will touch hearts for our precious Savior. That’s our goal. Will you make it your goal too? Please determine in your heart to send a sacrificial gift of support today, so millions more can experience salvation in Christ and know vital truth for our time!

Friend, the final events are accelerating. Let’s focus now to make the new Landmarks of Prophecy TV, satellite, and Internet series all God wants it to be. Please remember Landmarks in your prayers and your giving—I know you see time is running out, so it truly is urgent to have you behind me.

Your friend in the gospel work,

Pastor Doug 

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts



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