The Race for Revival

The Race for Revival

An Amazing Fact: Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest man—reaching nearly 28 MPH despite the fact that his 6-foot-5-inch-tall frame causes him to experience more wind drag than his competitors. Still, he wins races by relying on his much longer strides and the nearly 1,000 pounds of force he applies when his feet contact the track surface, which is twice as much as you and I can generate!

Usain Bolt Can you imagine having twice as much power when you run? That’s how Mr. Bolt can sprint 110 yards in under 10 seconds. It reminds me that as we run this final stretch of Earth’s history, we need twice as much power (a double portion) from the Holy Spirit!

As we know all too well, no matter how much we strive to improve our world with new technology and “better” government, the lost human heart is pretty much the same as it’s always been: Wars, greed, immorality, and violence still fill the headlines.

Jesus warned it will only get worse from here (Matthew 4:27). And with His coming so near, no wonder selfishness, hate, and chaos reign! But it’s especially sad to witness this same spirit of worldliness gripping God’s people …

A Cure for Laodicea 

Have you ever worried about inviting a visitor to your church? Perhaps you hear teachings that don’t square with the Bible—or you’re worried how worldly, unloving church members will treat your guest.

This is why we need revival and reformation! We must prepare our churches to receive in truth and love the new believers who will come out of Babylon and into our sanctuaries. Jesus is calling our Laodicean congregations to “be zealous and repent” (Revelation 3:19). 

Island of Jamaica Will you join with Amazing Facts to take the unique message of revival to the whole world? This isn’t hyperbole—I truly believe God is calling you and me to help prepare the church for His soon return by triggering, through Holy Spirit power, a genuine revival movement!

Revival on the Rock

In January, Amazing Facts will head to Jamaica to present a weeklong revival and evangelism series. It’s the first time God has called us to reach these precious people—and I believe He will use this event to revive the remnant church and reach even more souls for the kingdom.

The church there is hungering for genuine revival. So through a new series called Kingdom Characters, I will be sharing powerful biblical stories of how God worked in the past and how He wants to work through His people today.

At the same time, we will be conducting intensive evangelistic training through AFCOE—so that ministers, Bible workers, and laypeople will be equipped to reach others for Christ. This is a full-fledged, all-out mission effort in Jamaica!

An Ideal Location 

I believe God wants Jamaica to be a launching point of a new revival movement. In fact, Jamaica is among the top five countries that contact Amazing Facts—and God wants us to go harvest!DB with Father

I also believe our churches and members in North America, which can tune in live to watch on AFTV and the Internet, will be impacted by this series immediately—and the rest of the world will soon follow. Don’t you see how important this is today?

As my father lay dying in a Miami hospital, a nurse from Jamaica came in to care for him. She saw the name on his chart, “Batchelor,” and asked him if he was related to “the pastor on TV.” He perked up and said, “He’s my son.” She responded enthusiastically, “I watch his program all the time! You must be very proud.” He answered, “I am.” This story warmed my heart, as the nurse spent quite a bit of time with him. I don’t know everything they discussed, but it gave me hope that they had talked about God and eternity together.

I’m so grateful for the spiritual boldness of these Jamaican believers. They are ready to be a centerpiece of revival—but they need your help. Jamaica is not a wealthy country, and most of the production and broadcast expenses for this series will rest squarely on Amazing Facts.

Let’s make it possible for them by doing this work together with your gift today!

A Race for Revival!

Churches are just not ready to receive the outpouring of the Spirit. And you and I know that the devil will not make this easy. If all Amazing Facts did was present smooth, ear-tickling sermons—Satan would be happy to sit back. 

But because we’re bringing a bold message of true liberation from sin, the devil is standing up to challenge us every step of the way. We need to have your prayers, and we need to have your willingness to share in this burden. 

Usain Bolt To take revival to Jamaica, the Philippines, and beyond will require an investment of $150,000 for travel expenses, advertising, distribution of resources, and DVD reproduction. Will you prayerfully consider being a vital, trusted part of starting 2015 with real revival in His church?

Usain Bolt is fast, yet Solomon said the race of faith is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong (Ecclesiastes 9:11). It is only God who can give that everlasting prize to His people! So I’m asking you to believe in revival and the message of Revelation, to believe that Jesus can still do a great work of harvest before He returns. Your gift, of any amount, will help present this message to Jamaica and here at home through every means possible.

For Christ and revival,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts


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