The Full Spectrum of Evangelism

Full Spectrum of Evangelism

An Amazing Fact: Did you know there is much more to light than what you can see with the naked eye? Visible light is only a fraction of what’s known as the “electromagnetic spectrum.” This range of light begins with the lower frequencies (infrared), followed by the narrow section of visible light we can see, to the higher frequencies (X-rays). Yes, even radio and TV waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light!

 Amazing Facts is using every possible facet of light to reach the lost and point them to Jesus, the “true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world” (John 1:9).

Still, you and I know that the prince of darkness hates the Light and will seek to block it whenever he can. That’s what was happening in the lives of Beatrice and Marvin. A dark storm in their lives was trying to snuff out the flickering Light, to prevent them from seeing God’s amazing character and love …

Called Out of Darkness

 Harkess Family1It began four years ago. Six months pregnant, Beatrice felt something was terribly wrong. She could no longer feel her baby moving. At the hospital, the doctor explained that she had lost most of her amniotic fluid, and their unborn daughter was on the verge of being miscarried. They would need to operate immediately.

This serious scenario brought Beatrice to the feet of Jesus. “I was so lost and without hope. I began to pray, asking God for a miracle. I asked Him to forgive me of all my sins. I knew I had been living a mediocre life.”

 Although Beatrice and Marvin were raised to believe in Jesus, neither one was attending church or following Christ. But in the darkest moment of her life, Beatrice gave her heart to the Lord and promised to serve Him. She recalled Psalm 91: “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

By God’s amazing grace, their tiny Camilla, only one pound and four ounces, entered the world with a “loud cry.” Today she’s a happy and healthy four-year-old girl!

Harkess Family2The Holy Spirit Leads

 Beatrice did not forget her promise, and the couple began attending a church. Yet it wasn’t long before the two had doubts about what they were hearing from the pulpit. They started church hopping, searching for the truth, but Beatrice began to feel lost again. “I was tired of jumping from church to church,” she explains. “I just wanted to find a place that preached the Bible.” Again, she prayed for God’s guidance.

Not long after, she “stumbled” upon a YouTube video of a bald man preaching about prophecy—the Lord had led her to one of our sermons! She had never heard of Amazing Facts before, but what she heard stirred her heart. She was surprised by my sermon on God’s Sabbath, but she kept listening and let the Holy Spirit lead her into this life-changing truth.

As she became convicted and made real changes in her life, Marvin joined her in watching the Amazing Facts TV channel. Unable to resist God’s call, Beatrice contacted our office to find a Sabbathkeeping church. When we get a call like this, your support helps us go the extra mile to connect these dear souls with a local church.

She was so surprised when the pastor greeted the two and said, “I’ve been waiting to meet you, Beatrice.” She was thrilled he knew her by name, which he received from our team. Marvin and Beatrice soon began studying Amazing Facts Bible lessons with the pastor, and they began to grow in the Light.

Another New Birth

When some Christian friends were visiting, Beatrice shared what a blessing this ministry had been. Her friend responded, “What a coincidence! An Amazing Facts evangelist is about to conduct a prophecy series in our church.” (Of course, we know nothing is a coincidence with God!)

Baptism of Harkess FamilyNaturally, Marvin and Beatrice were thrilled. “We learned so much from Amazing Facts! Evangelist Dave Steward answered so many of our questions from the Bible and taught us about healthy living and true worship. He also explained how to prepare for living in these last days.”

It was a feast of Bible truth they couldn’t resist! Just a few months ago, Marvin and Beatrice experienced another birth, the new birth of Christ—baptized as members of God’s remnant church. Amen! And today, they love to share Amazing Facts resources with friends and family.

Like Guiding Stars

From one miracle birth to another, God led Beatrice and Marvin on a journey of faith. And because of your partnership, the Holy Spirit continues to complete Jesus’ work in their lives today.

This wonderful story reminds me why it is so vital to have multiple light sources to illuminate a person’s path to Jesus. Amazing Facts sometimes needs numerous outreach facets to guide seeking souls all the way into the church. For Beatrice and Marvin, that meant the Internet ministry, the Bible school, television, and our prophecy seminars.

For thousands of other seekers, it can mean a radio broadcast, contact with an AFCOE graduate, or one of our pocket books shared by someone like you. Each branch of ministry is a beacon of light guiding people from darkness and death to life and purpose.

But, friend, we aren’t done yet. We need your generous support to keep the light brightly burning. You’ve already seen what your gifts made possible in the hearts of Beatrice and Marvin and thousands like them, but, millions more are still searching for purpose and truth, needing to find Jesus. We can help them together!

People are desperately looking for truth. Last month, 868,000 searches, from souls just like Beatrice and Marvin, for truth-filled materials came through our websites. Your gift today will make an eternal impact by giving them the truth. It absolutely will help bring lives into the Savior’s kingdom—I guarantee it.

Your Friend in the Lord,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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