Benchmark video graphicHistoric Prophecy Headlines: The Rapid Progression of Papal Power

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An Amazing Fact:
“All the world marveled and followed the beast.” —Revelation 13:3

In reviewing my notes from 2014, I was stunned by how many historic headlines we witnessed revealing a major progression of papal power.

Last year was an especially notable one for the world’s first Jesuit pope, and it appears this charismatic, approachable leader has only just begun. Pope Francis has been successfully inserted into the social, spiritual, financial, and political arenas of world affairs—while winning back mountains of lost influence for the Roman Catholic Church.

It’s critical that you and I stay informed and keep our eyes on the prize of winning souls for Christ in light of world events, so please watch the eye-opening timeline of this past year that reveals these amazing developments.

Pope Francis- SuperstarI think you’ll agree that the stage is being set for the final, dramatic movements of prophecy, right before Jesus returns!

That’s why I also want to share with you an urgent project that I believe we must complete very quickly in response to this global spiritual crisis …

Amazing Facts Stands Boldly

Pope with Western Religious LeadersIt is breathtaking how much in this last year the pope has reached out to Protestants, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus—as well as powerful government leaders. He is now consolidating his global influence, yet most people don’t know their Bibles well enough to understand what this all really means, leaving them open to soul-destroying deception!

Pope in IsraelTogether we can change that!

Did you know more than a million souls have already seen our new Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon DVD? (But that is not nearly enough!)

In a tasteful way, this groundbreaking documentary is helping people see the truth behind the end-time beast power, how to avoid its deadly deceptions, and how they can be a part of Christ’s remnant church!

To rapidly expand the reach of this life-changing resource, Amazing Facts has a bold four-part plan:

Pope and Eastern Religious Leaders     1. With your help, we will buy national television airtime to broadcast the first half of the message, then invite viewers to order this DVD to learn the full story of Rome’s agenda.

     2. We also want to create a Bible study guide, focusing on Revelation 12 and 17, to go with our sharing edition, helping confirm in people’s hearts these vital truths of salvation.

   3. We desire to make our sharing version of the Revelation DVD easier to distribute to the masses quickly—making it much more affordable to churches and individuals to hand out and mass mail to entire communities.Pope with President Obama

 Rev DVD   4. We seek to increase the speed of translation and circulation of Revelation for overseas mission fields, such as China, India, and Brazil.

We know this will work because this DVD is already making an enormous impact! A ministry friend shares:

“The Revelation DVD has been very useful. My wife and I recently went to Malawi … to share with Christians there how prophecy is being fulfilled, particularly the reaching out by the pope to Evangelicals. We figured rightly that many in Malawi were unaware of these developments due to their limited access to the Internet. By God’s grace, we were able to present this message—and the response was overwhelming, with people eager to learn more. … We distributed many DVDs. I share our experiences so that you can be encouraged that God’s Word continues to reach far and wide.”                                             

Amen! This, friend, is because of your faithfulness in the past. So will you please reach deep and send a special gift for this project, but also remember that we must continue to fund our regular TV, radio, Internet, publishing, and Bible training ministries at the same time—including our upcoming project 50 Amazing Prophecies That Prove the Bible Is True DVD?

Time is Running Out!

So much is happening, and we don’t have time to spare in helping people see the truth of today’s tremendous events, which clearly reveal Jesus is coming soon.

May I even be so bold as to ask you to please give over and above your normal giving this month to ensure Amazing Facts can move forward and quickly respond to these world-shaking events? In 2015, we’ve increased our television budget spending almost $100,000 each week to help people understand the Bible and not be deceived.

We need you to make it happen!

Whether you give $25, $50, or $100 or more, it will make a profound difference. So thank you for your response today!

Your friend in Jesus,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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