The Good News About Gridlock

The Good News About Gridlock

An Amazing Fact: In case you think you have it bad at rush hour, consider that the worst traffic jam in history occurred in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 9, 2014, when cars were stuck bumper to bumper on the Marginal Pinheiros highway for 215 miles!

 According to the traffic experts, rush-hour drivers in America spend an average of 45 hours every year just sitting in congestion. That’s enough time to hear an entire Amazing Facts evangelistic series twice over!

Traffic JamNow there’s a thought. Think how fast God’s truth would spread if we could reach these millions trapped in commuter gridlock with gospel messages? “For the word of God is living and powerful” (Hebrews 4:12).

Words of Power

Indeed, I have personally seen how the power of the Word through radio transforms lives. Like Wyatt, who was trapped in the gridlock of the devil’s lies ….

When a Satanist introduced Wyatt to the occult, it held exciting allure for the teenager—acceptance, power, and pleasure. The idea of living purely for self was intoxicating, and he fell deep into partying and drugs. But it all came to a screeching halt when he was tried as an adult for a violent crime and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Sitting all alone in a cold, dark cell day by day, Wyatt was filled with remorse and fear. He often thought about suicide. Yet one day, out of frustration, he grabbed a Bible seeking to silence his conscience by proving Christians dead wrong, but instead, his heart was touched. Wyatt soon fell to his knees and asked God to forgive him. He had found hope, cleansing, and amazing peace!

walkman radioWith a Bible and a small radio, Wyatt eagerly searched even deeper in biblical truth, and that’s when he “stumbled” upon Bible Answers Live, Amazing Facts’ radio program. To get better reception, he stood on his bunk and held his radio over his head next to his cell’s three-inch-thick window. Since he couldn’t call in, he prayed that his questions would be answered during the Sunday night broadcasts. Many times they were, but he also learned many new things.

“Through Bible Answers Live,” Wyatt says, “I learned how God wanted me to keep the seventh day holy.” He also learned the truth about what happens at death, freeing him from the spiritual deceptions that had tormented him for years. Then he requested the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, which were so totally life-changing, he was soon giving Bible studies to fellow inmates, sharing the liberty and truths he had discovered through Amazing Facts.

When Wyatt finally walked out of jail a free man, his knew his freedom wasn’t just from iron bars. “I learned about Jesus and His love for me. What a Savior!”

Messages of Power

I praise our Lord that He allowed you and I to play a key role in Wyatt’s discovery of truth. I’m thrilled to tell you that Wyatt has now become a first-class firebrand of faith, attending our AFCOE program and assisting with the Landmarks of Prophecy series in Albuquerque last November. And now he and his new wife, Jenni, are doing public evangelism! Amen!

Wyatt AllenIt is your faithful support of Amazing Facts’ radio broadcasts that made it possible for the Holy Spirit to reach Wyatt and so many others with biblical truth. When the Word of God goes out, “it shall not return …void” (Isaiah 55:11). That’s why we are preparing to take another bold step of faith in the world of radio.

By God’s grace, Amazing Facts is launching a new 30-minute radio program called Wonders in the Word to reach the massive audiences of rush hour across America. This program will dedicate every minute possible to the pure, everlasting gospel.

Our specific goal is to target large populated markets, so we’ll be acquiring more radio time-slots in large cities—airing Wonders during that powerful witnessing window called “the rush-hour commute.” Think of the millions of lost and confused souls that Jesus will reach!

And we will be featuring key topics that get the best responses from searching souls, the messages that really speak to hearts today—and at the end of each program, we’ll invite listeners to try our Study Guides, free books, truth-filled websites, and to call me personally with their own questions during Bible Answers Live.

It’s true, friend! Where most people see nothing but stress, headaches, and impatient drivers, there is actually a golden opportunity to reach millions of spiritually hungry Americans. While they are stuck in gridlock, we will share the gospel!

A Bold Evangelism OpportunityWyattAllenVideoGraphic

We know this works! Wyatt was once locked up as a prisoner of the devil, but through our radio programs, he learned more fully of God’s redeeming truth. Now he is leading others out of the devil’s dungeon. Let’s multiply this result in millions of lives across America!

Of course, broadcasting during these prime hours tends to be more expensive, but I believe in my heart that the times in which we live call for such a sacrifice. We estimate this new Wonders in the Word project will cost about $6,000 each week—or a full $300,000 each year above and beyond our current broadcast budget.

That might seem like a lot, but I promise you that as we move forward in faith, God will bless. So I ask you to move boldly forward with me now by sending a gift to support our new soul-winning radio initiative, while also remembering our many other ministries. Your gift will be used to ignite spiritual reformation in hearts across the nation in a unique way. Thank you!

For the cause of Christ,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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