Saved By A Tornado of Truth

Saved by a Tornado of Truth

An Amazing Fact: In August 1814, British troops broke through American lines and began burning down federal buildings all across Washington, D.C. It appeared the young nation would collapse. Then, suddenly, massive thunderclouds gathered and the first-ever recorded tornado in the city’s history rampaged through the capital. The violent twister decimated the British army and, at the same time, a torrential downpour of rain extinguished the fires they had just set—changing the course of the war and saving the fledgling nation.

Just like the tornado of 1814 changed the course of America, God wants you know that He is actively working to save each and every person on this planet. He cares and is intimately involved.

Yet many confused souls are still in need of a tornado of present truth in their lives that will change the course of their lives—just like John and Chrisy Sernaqué, active church members who were yet toiling under spiritual deception. But through you, Jesus sent a tornado of truth that forever changed the course of this family’s history!

Burning White HouseA Tornado of Sabbath Truth

John, Chrisy, and their three children attended church each week, but John admits something was missing spiritually. And as he was soon to find out, he was unaware of many precious, vital truths in the very Bible he was carrying to church every Sunday.

On one of these typical churchgoing mornings, with a gnawing feeling that his spiritual life was unfulfilling, John decided to watch some TV while his family prepared for church. As he flipped through the station guide, the words “Amazing Facts” caught his eye.

Couple watching TVIt “just so happened” that I was talking about the Sabbath that very morning. John quickly called in Chrisy to come listen too. They had never heard anything like it before, and the Holy Spirit began piecing together the Sabbath truth in their hearts.

Acts 2:37 says, “Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?” From then on the response of the whole family was to watch Amazing Facts every time it came on. “We couldn’t get enough!” John says.

A Tornado of Transformation

Our programs convicted the entire family about keeping the Sabbath, and they requested the Amazing Facts Study Guides. Even the children enthusiastically went through all the lessons! And as they studied, John and Chrisy recognized other unbiblical teachings in their church and knew it was time to find a Bible-based congregation.

Not long after, Amazing Facts helped them find a local Sabbathkeeping church, and the family continued watching Amazing Facts Presents on TV, which guided them to a treasure trove of other ministry resources that helped them better know Jesus.

Sernaque baptismSo I’m thrilled to report that John and Chrisy and their children were all baptized into God’s remnant church. John says, “Becoming a Christian and knowing Jesus was made possible for my family through Amazing Facts. Your resources opened our understanding of God’s Word and helped us grow spiritually.”

Friend, I want to especially thank you for your part in this story. This beautiful family was finally able to choose the truth because YOU helped bring God’s life-saving Word to them through Amazing Facts!

Discovering the Whirlwind 

After we began broadcasting on Lifetime on Sunday mornings last year, thousands of families like John’s have found lifesaving truth. More people responded to our television ministry last year than ever, and with more than 3,000,000 tuning in and watching Amazing Facts Presents each month, we know people are thirsting for the truth.

So we praise God that He has opened another tremendous door to multiply the experience of  John and Chrisy in the hearts and lives of more people!

You see, I just learned of an opening on the Discovery Channel, Sunday at 7:30 am, that will help increase our viewers by tens of millions, broadcasting the very same truths John and Chrisy watched.

John and Chrisy SernaqueThis Sunday time slot on Discovery is currently surrounded by some of the most popular Christian speakers, so people are already turning in at this exact time searching for spiritual truths—so it’s the perfect way to reach them with the last-day message.  Like John and Chrisy, millions more will hear and recognize something new that will transform their understanding of God and free them from the devil’s deceptions!

Just think about it—that’s 98 million people who don’t know Jesus the way you do and haven’t heard about the Sabbath, what happens after death, or the truth about God’s power to fully save us from spiritual bondage. They will get the answers to their biggest questions. It’s just too big an opportunity to bypass, so we’ve stepped forward in faith, reserving this time slot before it disappears, praying that you will stand with us in support.

This project will increase our television budget significantly, but it’s more than worth it. With millions of new viewers tuning in each Sunday morning, reaching them with soul-winning Bible truth will amount to just pennies per person. It will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made!

Unleashing the Whirlwind 

Friend, surely you can see “the day of the Lord is near” (Ezekiel 30:3), so now is the time for us to step forward boldly for God’s mission!

Your precious gift today will be used to reach millions more with vital end-time truths through the Discovery Channel and our many other ministries. If you have been prayerfully considering a special way to convert your offerings into transformed hearts, you can absolutely know that these evangelistic broadcasts really do make a profound difference.

Reaching the WHOLE world for Jesus,


Your friend,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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