Training Faithful and Fearless Troops

Training Faithful and Fearless Troops

An Amazing Fact: In 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland with more than 400,000 troops—more than three times as many soldiers as the Finns—thirty times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks. What appeared to be a sure victory for Stalin became one of the USSR’s most shocking defeats, as a well-trained and determined Finnish army slowed and decimated the invaders!
Norwegian Soldiers

You and I know that in the last days, the Lord’s army will be only a fraction of the size of the devil’s unbelieving forces, but the Bible clearly shows that having superior numbers doesn’t always guarantee victory. You and Jesus are always a majority! This is why Jonathan said to his armor-bearer, “For nothing restrains the LORD from saving by many or by few” (1 Samuel 14:6).

Yet I am deeply concerned about the shortage of trained disciples among God’s last-day people. Our churches today have only a fraction of the evangelism workers they should have. The devil has many more committed personnel in his army, actively leading millions into distracting and destructive sins. We have to change that together!

I believe there are still many people who want to serve in the Lord’s army, individuals who will take the message back to their local churches and inspire whole congregations with evangelistic enthusiasm! That’s what I want for our churches—to be full of active soul-winners for Jesus. How about you?

Let me tell you about Carla, who attended AFCOE under difficult circumstances but who has been forever transformed by your compassion …

“Are You Ready?”

Though Carla had always been active in church, she lacked any real spiritual connection. But as the wreckage of a broken marriage swirled around her, she cried out to God … and her prayer life began in earnest. She soon felt assured that God would lead her through whatever lay ahead. When her home foreclosed, she moved in with her ailing grandmother knowing she had entered a new chapter in her life.

One Sabbath, as Carla prepared for church, she had a nagging thought that wouldn’t go away: “Our teens need to have their own ministry.”

When she presented this to a church leader, he said, “Sounds like a great idea! I think you should head it up. Why don’t you begin by checking into the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism? Then we’ll talk about it with our pastor.”

Carla was floored. She had no funds, and it seemed like an impossible dream to attend outreach training. But things began to line up as Carla’s cousin, whom she hadn’t seen for 15 years, volunteered to help their grandma while Carla attended AFCOE.

Then, just a few days later, an AFCOE representative asked Carla, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, but there’s a problem,” she replied. “I have no money for tuition.”

“Carla,” the man explained, “This morning a generous friend of Amazing Facts donated funds for an AFCOE scholarship. Plus, another member in your church donated half your tuition already.”

Tears of gratitude began pouring down Carla’s cheeks. She wondered if these donors realized the miracle they had just made possible. And friend, it is only because of your support that passionate students like Carla can receive life-changing training through AFCOE. The fee each student pays covers only about 30 percent of the cost of our disciple training programs.

A New Holy Soldier

Carla, AFCOE GraduateDuring her first week at AFCOE, Carla devoured the deep biblical insights presented. Many questions she never even thought to ask were being answered. Her life began changing in many other ways too, as painful nightmares vanished and bitterness toward her ex-husband was replaced with forgiveness. Even her health improved while attending AFCOE!

Once a fearful student, Carla is now a compassionate, bold Bible instructor who travels across North America teaching young people and adults about Jesus. This new chapter in her life could never have been written except for the faithful investment from dear friends like you.

You cannot imagine the joy that shines in the eyes of people like Carla who are given the opportunity to be trained at one of our Amazing Facts training events. Whether someone gets help with tuition, receives free literature in the mail, or watches a new Amazing Facts program, you make a staggering, eternal difference!

A Growing Army for Christ

We are deeply committed to equip and empower church members to become better, more effective soul-winners. AFCOE teaches “regular” people how to give Bible studies, master Bible doctrines, turn churches into vibrant growth centers, find new seekers and lead them to baptism, disciple and mentor new converts … and so much more!

We even provide mobile AFCOE to Go intensive weekend training seminars to grow His army of servants! And don’t forget our global AFCOE programs in places like the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Germany, and with your help, soon to be in Africa.

Keep Building Up God’s Holy Army

The need for more workers is so urgent, we’ve budgeted almost $600,000 for AFCOE training this year. When you invest in our AFCOE program, you’re helping with real discipleship that will send a powerful army of missionaries, evangelists, and Bible workers, like Carla, out into God’s harvest.

Your gift this month will help ensure even more on-fire laypeople, pastors, and evangelists will be ready to share Bible truth effectively for Jesus. Thank you so much in advance for your sacrifice and your faith!

With humble appreciation,

Pastor DougPastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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