Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

Exalting Godly Heroes Of Faith

Exalting Godly Heroes of Faith

An Amazing Fact: In 2014 there were more than 80 arrests among the professional football, basketball, and baseball players in the United States. Arrests of these elite athletes are commonly connected with substance abuse, DUIs, and violent behavior aimed at women.

If you’re anything like me, you know that in these last days, multitudes of people are revering athletes, pop singers, or actors whose personal lives are often exposed for cheating, drug abuse, or some other immorality. These fans spend countless hours vainly tracking the daily affairs of these “heroes,” often mimicking their self-destructive habits and lifestyles.

Celebrities’ lives can seem so exciting and fulfilling, at least on the outside. But how many are actually positive examples for you and your family? It’s a law of human nature that we eventually become like whomever we fix our eyes upon. The Bible teaches that as we behold the Lord, we are “changed into the same image from glory to glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18). This is why it’s so important we choose our heroes carefully.

We need to be sure our eyes are focused in the right direction—and help others discover better heroes to inspire their faith! That’s why Amazing Facts feels called to lift up heroes of faith from God’s Word to millions around the world at this crucial moment in history. Will you join me?


Amazing Facts wants to help people take their eyes off the corrupt heroes of our depraved culture and focus them instead on the inspiring, godly heroes of the Bible—those who became men and women of noble character through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Daniel 3 ImageI’m thinking of Bible heroes like David and Elijah, who demonstrated supernatural courage and boldness in the face of overwhelming adversaries. Likewise, the Scriptures call Rahab and Esther women of great faith and godly works. While these heroes weren’t always perfect, they all overcame through God’s power, just as we can.

Starting this fall, Amazing Facts will broadcast a fresh 10-part revival/evangelistic series. This powerful, soul-inspiring Bible study is called HEROES OF FAITH: Inspirational Stories of Salvation, and it is designed for the whole family and will broadcast live on AFTV and 3ABN.

What an opportunity for church members to experience desperately needed revival, while inviting Christian friends who are unfamiliar with the three angels’ messages to experience the genuine faith of Jesus! (Make sure you ask your church to host the event for your community!)

Life-Altering Impact

We’ve seen in the past how programs like this one can impact a multitude of lives in incredible ways. Take Gilbert, for instance, a former gang member whose life was radically changed after watching an Amazing Facts evangelistic series like Heroes of Faith.

guns and alcoholHe explains, “Life to me was all about drinking and getting high.” Passed around as a child from one foster home to another, neglected and unwanted, Gilbert felt a gaping vacuum in his heart. He had been looking for someone to look up to—and gang membership provided those “heroes” in the worst possible way.

But when a rival gang member pointed a gun in his face one day and didn’t pull the trigger, Gilbert wondered whether God had intervened.

Deeply shaken, Gilbert began searching for truth. One day, by God’s leading grace, he came across Amazing Facts and found The Prophecy Code. He soon sent for our Study Guides and says, “My life changed. I was baptized into a Sabbath-keeping church not because of a good feeling, but because the truth was there.”

Amen! Today, Gilbert is sharing the gospel with others exponentially through our many DVD evangelistic series! Gilbert witnessed a genuine Bible hero—Jesus—and was changed. He says, “Thank God for His truth. Thanks, Amazing Facts!”

And I say, Thank you! Your faithfulness makes every Amazing Facts Bible-based series possible, bringing hope to people who were lost because of terrible role models—but who finally found the best Role Model!

Revival and Outreach for the Whole Family

Besides drawing people unfamiliar with the Bible, I want Heroes of Faith to inspire a powerful, long-overdue revival in the hearts of church members and help launch the last great revival to happen just before the return of Christ! Do you doubt God’s latter day rain is about to start falling?

Through your partnership and the Lord’s blessing, Amazing Facts will immediately promote Heroes of Faith through nationwide television commercials and social media sources, and we’ll build a new website to support this series. After the series, we’ll produce a new sharing DVD set translated into multiple languages, and a new Bible study workbook.

The costs for Heroes of Faith will be significant. But this kind of outreach will lead people to salvation for many years.

Your gift and prayers will make a lasting difference. Thank you in advance for your faithful partnership in ministry, which is highly valued by all of us here at Amazing Facts!

Yours in the faith,
Pastor Doug
Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

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