Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

Dying For A Drink Of Living Water

Dying for A Drink of Living Water

An Amazing Fact: On August 4, 2015, David and Ornella Steiner went hiking with their nine-year-old son across the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. As the temperature rose to triple digits, they realized they’d wandered too far into the scorching desert and were quickly running out of water. Both parents eventually succumbed to severe dehydration and exposure. However, officials believe they knowingly sacrificed their lives to save their son—who was found in fairly good condition. It turns out his parents had given most of their water reserves to the boy to keep him alive.

White SandsThis tragic yet touching story reminds us in a powerful way of Jesus’ willingness to sacrifice His own life to save His children. The Savior cried out in thirst from the cross that He might provide us with that Living Water (John 19:28). There is no greater love than a parent’s for a child, and God promises a special blessing on those who share the Living Water with children. “Whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water … will by no means lose his reward” (Matthew 10:42).

We can only imagine the anguish our Heavenly Father feels when He watches so many innocent children the world over dying of spiritual dehydration. God’s heart is breaking over His thirsty children! But you and I can help change that.

Undeniably, you have already played a vital role in refreshing many of God's children who were thirsting after righteousness. Take, for example, this inspiring letter I received at Amazing Facts only a few days ago …

“Drifting Toward” God

“Dear Amazing Facts, I am only 12 years old, and I want you to know that you changed my life. My dad was looking through sermons on YouTube, and I saw one of Pastor Doug’s messages, so I decided to watch them. Ever since I started watching your videos, I have been drifting closer and closer to God.

Kid watching Pastor Doug“Before I found out about Amazing Facts, I was so obsessed with the worldly lifestyle and I never even read the Bible that was sitting on my desk. I never opened my eyes to see what signs God was putting in front of me. Now that I started reading your online lessons and watching your messages, I gave up all my worldly lifestyles and sat down with my family for worship. I can never thank you enough for all you have done to change people’s lives, including mine” (name withheld for privacy).

Friend, I’m not exaggerating when I say your support was used by the Holy Spirit to lead this precious child to our YouTube videos and to take our Bible lessons. Thank you for being a channel for the Living Water!

But many more children need this same life-changing experience. This is why I’m praying that you’ll join me in saving these youth from spiritual dehydration—by offering them the real Living Water, Jesus Christ.

A Battle for the Young

We know our children are in great danger. They aren’t merely being influenced by the world … by violent, lewd Hollywood films and by the mesmerizing music industry. Indeed, they are being actively recruited by dark forces!

Amazing Adventures with Pastor DougThankfully, your support is enabling Amazing Facts to fight back—with programming like Amazing Adventure, still being seen by thousands of kids daily around the world. We’ve also increased the number of resources for children in our bookstore, and they've become some of our most popular items. You’re helping to meet the needs of thousands of parents wanting to lead their children to Christ!

"Feed My Lambs"

When our youngest headed off to college recently, my wife and I began experiencing the “empty nest.” After years of hectic activity revolving around our kids, the house has become eerily quiet. Yet now that all our children are adults, we have become more acutely aware how important that early training really was.

Jesus commanded, “Feed my lambs” (John 21:15). That’s why Amazing Facts wants to feed every child the Bread of Life as soon as possible. Our goal is that thousands of youth from both Christian and non-Christian homes will hear the gospel today and make the eternal decision to follow Jesus.

I feel deeply impressed that Amazing Facts needs to produce even MORE resources specifically to reach the hearts of children. Past experience has taught us children’s resources are some of the most labor intensive and expensive to produce. I believe the children are worth it! I know you do too. But to continue to secure our children in the faith, we need your heartfelt support.

Your generous gift this month will be the catalyst the Holy Spirit uses to train up more children for the kingdom, while also ensuring Amazing Facts can continue to reach every age group through every means possible.

For our children,

Pastor Doug Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

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