Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

Puerto Rico: An Island of Opportunity-- A Lifeline to the Lost!

Lifeline to the Lost

An Amazing Fact: This past October, more than 4,000 wiggling tadpoles were flown to Puerto Rico from Oakland, California, as part of a sophisticated breeding program to rescue the rare Puerto Rican crested toad from the edge of extinction. The mission was to breed the colorful but endangered tadpoles in captivity so the species could be reintroduced into their native habitat on the island. Project manager Adam Fink said that the toads had been “double-bagged” for safety while traveling, emphasizing, “Every single tadpole is important.”Tadpoles

If we sinful humans care so much about saving toads, how much more do you think Jesus cares about saving the actual people of Puerto Rico? After all, Christ said—“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. … You are of more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12:6, 7).

Jesus also said that a shepherd would roam mountains looking for just one lost lamb, and then He asked, “How much more value then is a man than a sheep?” (Matthew 12:12). Our Lord did not die on the cross to save birds and sheep … and tadpoles. He died to save people. You and me. Indeed, every soul is so precious to Jesus that He would have even come to die if you were the only person who needed salvation!

Isn’t this what our Redeemer asks us to do as His representatives—to go and reach as many perishing souls as we can from among every tribe, nation, and tongue before it’s too late? Because every single soul is infinitely important to Jesus!

That’s why I’m so grateful that you empower Amazing Facts to reach thousands across many lands. In the past five years alone, your love made gospel mission evangelism possible in places like South Africa, the Philippines, India, Kenya, China, Fiji, and Australia—resulting in thousands of baptisms overseas! That’s a lot of new “tadpoles” for the kingdom!

But there are still many more to reach—and I’m URGENTLY and PRAYERFULLY asking that you go QUICKLY with your Amazing Facts family to a new mission field and introduce the three angels’ messages in a big way!

I believe the Lord is calling us right now to reach the beautiful people of Puerto Rico—this very week! But let me explain …

Spotting a Divine Opportunity

Within a short time, I received numerous invitations from different, unconnected people urging me to do mission evangelism in Puerto Rico. I started to wonder if the Lord was telling me something. Finally, when an influential leader on the island personally pleaded with me to go and then a date opened up on my calendar, I knew the Lord had a special work for us to do. 

Puerto RicoDid you know 91 percent of this densely populated island has yet to embrace Christ’s last-day message? Much of Puerto Rico is trapped in deep spiritual darkness. While 45 percent live in poverty, only a fraction have heard the full Bible truth. They are searching for something better.

And your support is already making an impact. A precious soul named Grecia shared, “Since I was small, I always had a fear of God—but I didn’t really know Him.” That was until she went to a Spanish language Amazing Facts prophecy seminar with our evangelist Carlos Muñoz.

Grecia joyfully explained that every word opened her eyes to God’s true character, replacing her fear with a love for Christ. She is also keeping the Bible Sabbath! She said, “The prophecy seminar totally changed my life. It inspired me to follow Jesus in truth and prepared me to share God’s love so that others can come out of darkness and into the light.”

Amen! But there are tens of thousands of more dear souls like Grecia in Puerto Rico needing to hear the everlasting gospel.

Join the Mission of Hope

Here's our plan to pull this mission off THIS MONTH with your help:

1. Even now, I’m packing my bags to kick off the “Edge of Eternity” prophecy series at a large venue where thousands of truth-seeking guests will come together from around the island. I’ll also preach on Sabbath to urge members to revive their mission focus and to encourage the island pastors in ministry.

2. Graduates from our recent AFCOE discipleship class will spread out across the city of Ponce and present Bible truth through the prophecy series. Thousands will hear the message and share truth with their tight-knit families.

3. We’ll translate and record these messages into Spanish for TV broadcast and share our most-effective, truth-filled literature.

We are so optimistic that God will move mightily that our team has already planned a citywide church rally and baptism event on December 17! Will you please join me in prayer on that day, asking the Lord to bless this mission in a mighty way?

Mission-Minded Ministry

Can I also ask you to prayerfully consider giving an extra sacrificial gift this month as we shore up our evangelism budget shortfall this year, so Amazing Facts can make bold outreach plans in the coming year?

And please remember to join me in prayer on December 17 for the citywide rally and baptism in Puerto Rico. Let’s pray as God moves through you and Amazing Facts in Puerto Rico!

For the cause of Christ,

Pastor Doug Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

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