Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

A Heavenly Harvest in the South Pacific

A Heavenly Harvest in the South Pacific

An Amazing Fact: Papua New Guinea is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. Due to its dense rainforest and steep mountains, many of the tribes have remained isolated for centuries, helping to create more than 800 unique languages—spoken by only 7.2 million residents. That would be like 33,000 languages being spoken in the United States! 

PNG mapWhen the elderly woman first saw me, she screamed. We were filming a new episode of Amazing Facts of Faith in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. We stopped at a grass hut to ask for permission to shoot at a picturesque spot. That’s when the grandma stepped out of her home and stared at me.

Then her face changed to shock. She shouted—for joy! “I’ve been watching your programs for years. I never dreamed that you would be at our house!”

In VillageI was likewise thrilled—and humbled. This surprise meeting affirms once again how your gifts to Amazing Facts are touching lives even in the most isolated parts of the world.

Didn’t our Savior go out of His way to reach others? He traveled off the main highways to seek lost sheep. God still loves and longs to reach these lonely, isolated children. We must do the same! And there is no better way to reach them than through global broadcasting—beaming God’s wonderful truth through satellite and the Internet to the distant corners of the earth.

Reaching Down Under

Meeting At GoldcoastAmazing Facts ministry is exploding across Australasia and Oceania—a giant expanse that includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and thousands of smaller islands across Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Nearly 40 million people live in this region!

On our way to Papua New Guinea (PNG), our team held revival meetings in the GoldCoast, a busy city in Queensland, Australia. Even in this very secular nation, growing numbers are tuning into Amazing Facts. Because of you, millions there have seen our programs.

As a result, many of the two thousand souls who packed into the auditorium were new to the three angels’ messages. One even told me his whole church group wants to become a Sabbath-keeping congregation! Think of it—because of your sacrificial giving, a new church is growing Down Under!

A Colossal Welcome

greeting at AirportThe Amazing Facts team next flew to PNG for a week full of evangelism appointments, and we have never experienced the power of God moving in such a dramatic way. We were thrilled when, during the first few days, thousands attended the meetings at a Christian university and a large church in Port Moresby, but nothing could prepare us for the welcome we received when we flew to the central highlands of Mount Hagan.

When our plane landed, we were greeted at the airport by the former prime minister and 60,000 people! A cheering, singing mass of enthusiastic believers surrounded our car for two miles as we inched down the road. You would have been touched by their display of joy and dedication to the Lord—but your gifts were working in an even more profound way.

You see, these precious folks learned precious Bible truth because you have put Amazing Facts programs on the air in PNG for several years now. The Spirit is truly moving in PNG, and I believe it is a sign of Christ’s soon return.

Flowing in From Everywhere

Crowd in PNGWhen we started our meetings in a vast open field, over 170,000 people flooded in from everywhere—a sea of humanity hungering for the Word. Many walked for miles every night to hear the presentations. Of those who came, 20 percent had never heard the last-day message. They came to hear God’s truth because you gave.

Combined with Amazing Facts’ programs, local pastors and members conducted Bible studies drawing hearts to Christ. I was ecstatic that 5,000 people committed themselves to Christ and were baptized that week—I was blessed to participate in helping baptize some of the first at a nearby riverside. Praise the Lord!

BaptismWe were thrilled that thousands more raised their hands and requested Bible studies. Friend, when I stood up to proclaim precious truths and saw throngs of people longing to hear Jesus’ message of hope, it deeply touched me. But what touched my heart was not just seeing these massive crowds in the city, but also realizing that a grandma living in the middle of a jungle screamed when she saw me!

It brought tears to my eyes to see so many isolated villagers recognized the life-changing message from Amazing Facts. This happened everywhere we went. You are evangelizing the world in secluded places through Amazing Facts!

Think Global

How can we keep spreading these seeds of truth to the isolated millions in places like Oceania, where there are so few messengers? That’s why we must continue sending out these streams of light. Will you please reach deep this month and continue to help the lost in these remote areas?

Thank you in advance for your sacrificial gift this month. I am humbled by what I saw in Papua New Guinea. I wish you could have been there to see their joy, share the tears, witness the baptisms, and feel the hugs. But you were there in spirit—I never stop thinking of how you make all this possible. It makes me want to see God’s family grow even larger. How about you? 

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
Pastor Doug

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