Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

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If you would like to support a specific area of Amazing Fact’s work you can choose an outreach project that best fits your particular interest. All Amazing Facts projects are important, but find one or two that you’re really passionate about and then get involved.

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When you give to Amazing Facts, you can be sure that we will powerfully proclaim to the world the everlasting gospel, leading people by faith to Jesus, establishing them in God's church, and discipling all believers in the joy of following His Word — through such outreaches as television, radio, the internet, Bible schools, live evangelism, and more. Thank you for your support!

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Heroes of Faith Project GraphicHeroes of Faith: Stories of Salvation for the Whole Family

How many young people do you know who admire worldly “heroes” that offer them only empty notions of success? It’s tragic that while they behold these icons, they’re being led to darkness and ruin. But through Heroes of Faith, you can point them to courageous men and women of the Bible who practiced great faith—while leading them to the ultimate Hero, Jesus Christ. This contemporary series will encourage all Christians, even those new to the Bible. Your gift will bring godly Bible heroes to life—people like Elijah, Rahab, Mary Magdalene, and more. Give with confidence knowing that you will start a massive gospel fire in many hearts of all ages around the world. Strike a match and send your gift today!

Target: $376,000    Raised: $179,871
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Watching for the Second ComingSecond Coming Sharing Magazine and Website

You know well that one of Satan’s greatest deceptions is to confuse people about the soon return of Christ. False prophets and distorted views of the rapture have led many away from Jesus’ call to watch and be ready. This fresh, appealing magazine will cover all the rock-solid teachings of Scripture on His second coming. Articles will give the Bible picture of the certainty of Jesus’ coming, signs of His return, and how to be ready. It will answer commonly asked questions about issues like the secret rapture, and even have its own supporting website and online videos for deeper study. When you give to this project, you can know that people will be better prepared when the trumpet sounds to announce Christ’s coming because of this beautifully illustrated and captivating sharing resource!

Progress: 66%
Target: $82,000  Raised: $54,104
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AF on TBN bannerGod Opens the Door to Broadcast on TBN!

The world is teeming with lost, lonely people searching for hope. They flip through channels not really knowing what they’re seeking, when hope can be found through simple Bible truth. How can we reach them? Can you imagine how many would find hope in Christ if our truth-filled programs were being broadcast around the globe? For over 20 years we have wanted to air on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), because according to Nielsen ratings, it’s the most watched faith channel in the world. With 72 satellite transponders, it provides a potential audience of 2.7 billion people with 24 hours of commercial free programming on TV and the Internet, through thousands of cable systems WORLDWIDE.  At this critical time, God has providentially arranged for Amazing Facts to go to ALL the world through TBN on Thursday’s at 10:00 PM, but your partnership is needed. Help someone find hope today!

Progress: 81%
Target: $520,000  Raised: $422,525
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AFCOE AFRICA LogoAFCOE Africa Training Program 2015-2016

Amazing Facts’ Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) Africa program is providing kingdom-building discipleship training to Bible workers, lay people, and even pastors! Because of your gifts, hundreds of people in Africa will be trained to share God’s Word in a winsome way with their communities, families, and friends. People from all over can come to AFCOE Africa to master complex Bible doctrines, develop confidence and skills for witnessing, and learn to conduct compelling Bible studies. Your gifts will also help baptize hundreds every year, as AFCOE students participate in live, full-scale evangelistic outreach programs.

Progress: 44%
Target: $140,000  Raised: $62,267
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China EvangelismChina Evangelism 2016

If you could reach more than a billion people for Jesus in 2016, would you step out in faith to do it? That’s the door of opportunity that God has opened to you and Amazing Facts in the beautiful but spiritually dark nation of China. With your support, you can help Amazing Facts continue to reach China with a sophisticated outreach program using websites, literature, and on-the-ground outreach in a nation where sharing the gospel is forbidden.

Target: $300,000  Raised: $139,561
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Youth Studying the bibleBible Study Guides Designed for Today's World!

You can help Amazing Facts make our popular Study Guides even more powerful and life-changing with a fresh overhaul, with new graphics and text, bringing them up-to-date—while not altering their undiluted gospel truth! We need to raise $100,000 to design, edit, and finish printing these new soul-winning resources. Your gift today will ensure that more people will respond to the three angels’ messages!

Progress: 48%
Target: $100,000  Raised: $47,834
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