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Transformed by TRUTH - Ashlee
Ashlee had a big dilemma. As she explains it, “I wanted to serve God, but I also wanted to fit in.” As a young adult, she became weary of living a double life and needed to make a change. By God’s grace, you played a key role in leading her to live solely for the Lord!
You Can Help Him Find Freedom - Chris
Chris lived to get high. Though he grew up in a conservative Christian community, he rejected it all as a teen and nearly lost his life three times. But when his wife threatened to leave him, Chris suddenly found himself on his knees begging God for help … and through your gifts, Chris found hope.
Living on the Edge - Andrew
With a chiseled face and rugged good looks, Andrew seems more likely to be a model or an actor than a salmon fisherman. But today he describes himself as “a fisherman and a dreamer,” and when you know his story, it’s easy to understand why.
Breaking the Cycle of Tormenting Fear
Growing up, Nancy heard only about God’s “eternal hellfire” that would be experienced by unrepentant sinners. As an adult, she rebelled against the church of her childhood and turned to a worldly lifestyle in her search for happiness. But she only experienced brokenness and pain.
Iced to Kill—Melted for Christ!
Michael’s life was falling to pieces. When he discovered his wife was having an affair, he wanted to end the man’s life.
From Trouble to Triumph!
Nick grew up as a problem child. He was an alcoholic by the age of 12 and was constantly in trouble in school. He joined the military to try to stay out of trouble, but he got involved with the wrong crowd—“the worst of the worst.” All the while, he knew something inside was dying.
Shining a Beacon of Truth in a Dark Land
Cyril discovered God’s message through Amazing Facts and is now a beacon of light in Paris. Learn about his testimony of finding Bible truth that he now shares abroad.
A Leap of Faith
A major truck accident caused Diana to leap from a 25-foot-high bridge and suffer multiple injuries. But God spared her life and brought her physical healing. Then a co-worker introduced her to Amazing Facts. Find out what happened next...
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