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Coming Full Circle - Dee
Raised in a broken home, Dee grew up unchurched and was only superficially acquainted with the Bible. But when his father began a search for spiritual truth and meaning, Dee was introduced to something amazing, something that opened his eyes to God’s Word. Find out what happened and how he became a powerful witness for Jesus!
I Want to Follow the Bible! - Casey
Casey was enjoying a life saturated by worldly pleasures and had zero interest in knowing God or the Bible. But during the trauma of a failing relationship her interest was sparked in spiritual things, and soon she was captivated by a new television program that offered hope and new life in Jesus. This story will inspire you with God’s amazing grace!
From Atheist to Child of God- Santosh
Santosh grew up in a mixed-religious home that brought spiritual confusion and uncertainty. But when acquaintances invited him to listen to Pastor Doug Batchelor, everything changed! Find out why!
Saving Truth or Serious Heresy?
After his initial contact with Amazing Facts, Taron realized that he didn’t really know the God of the Bible. He had no idea what the Lord was really like. God graciously guided him in his quest for truth, and Taron came to know Christ through personal study with the help of many Amazing Facts resources.
New Life With Old Scars - Chris Trent
Chris was a tattoo artist and a drug dealer. He went through several broken relationships. Then he discovered Amazing Facts on the Internet.
An Aimless Life Finds Purpose
Jon grew up without a religious background and wondered about his purpose in life. In high school his grades were terrible—and he began smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and getting involved in crime.In desperation, Jon cried out to God.Because of your gifts, Jon now looks forward to a life of service to God.
Hogwash or Truth?
Bill was agnostic. He was raised in a Christian family, but he drifted from church as a teen. After Bill’s wife gave him an Amazing Facts booklet on creation and evolution, it led him to study and discover more of God’s saving truth.
From Chance to Choice
Kip’s life was like a rollercoaster. Even as a professional gambler, he believed that he was a moral person. But a life of self-indulgence did not bring him peace. After years of hopelessness, God led him back to Amazing Facts and a life of freedom.
Making Miracles Possible
Jeff grew up as a Christian but began to doubt God. He gave in to the world, and his life began to deteriorate, with fewer and fewer healthy relationships and more and more addiction. He eventually landed in prison. But God used you, Amazing Facts, and an astonishing modern-day miracle to lead Jeff to renew his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
From Fighting to Faithful- Tony Scarpino
Tony’s life was out of control. Alcohol consumed him. He yelled at his kids, fought with his wife, and had no interest in being the spiritual leader of his family. Then one day his wife got a card in the mail inviting her to watch a series of Amazing Facts prophecy presentations....
A Journey of Hope - Lourdes
“When I grew up, I was always told that I was the ugliest,” Lourdes remembers. “I believed I was good for nothing.” Tragically, she regularly suffered abuse from family members. But God led Lourdes to discover her true value in Jesus.
From Drug Dealer to Disciple Maker - Diamond
Diamond grew up in an environment of drinking, stealing, fighting, and cheating. But at the young age of eleven when his grandmother introduced him to a Sabbath-keeping church, Diamond was given The Prophecy Code DVD series from Amazing Facts....
Hope for a Homeless Addict - Daryl
Daryl's life was a mess. Drugs, alcohol, shattered relationships, and jail time left him feeling hopeless. But attending an Amazing Facts seminar set his feet on the road to recovery.
Life-Changing Hope for a Soul in Turmoil-Charlie Green
Charlie felt like the whole world was coming down on him. “One morning I got really mad, and I gave God a cussing like you wouldn’t believe.” All of sudden the TV came on to Amazing Facts. It was a direct answer to Charlie’s cry for help.
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