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Salvation to the Cities! — METRO Mission 2020

You can bring God’s last-day message of love and hope to the millions who live in the world’s largest cities.

Target: $240,000
Funding: $117,692

America in Prophecy—A Magazine for these Times!

You can give the most solemn wake-up call—the truth about America in prophecy—to help prepare people for Christ’s return.

Target: $300,000
Funding: $50,460

Africa and Beyond — Global Evangelism

Jesus is the “fountain of living waters” (Jeremiah 2:13), yet untold millions have never received Him. Together we can reach around the globe into places like Africa and provide spiritual water to those who are thirsting for more than what the polluted waters of this world have to give. You can offer parched hearts Living Water through your sacrificial gifts to Amazing Facts.

India Evangelism

India is projected to be the world’s most populous nation soon, surpassing even China! We have an amazing opportunity to answer God’s call by proclaiming His last-day message to multiplied millions in India who have never heard Bible truth.

Target: $190,000
Funding: $95,227

Building for Eternity - The W.O.R.D. Center

God has so blessed the work of Amazing Facts that our opportunities for ministry exceed our limited facilities. Through much prayer, we are embarking on a bold venture to establish a new world ministry headquarters.

Target: $28,800,000
Funding: $28,323,554

China Evangelism

China is a beautiful but spiritually dark place where people are searching for lasting hope. Millions of lost souls in the Land of the Red Dragon desperately need to be led to the truth about Jesus and find hope for the future.

Target: $300,000
Funding: $128,294

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