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#1  Rescuing Hearts from Hollywood

Cities are rampant centers of the devil’s temptations, but they are also filled with people who desperately need to know essential Bible truth—which you can bring to them through TV evangelism!

Target: $162,000
Funding: $4,659

#2  GEB Network

Multitudes are heading the wrong way toward eternal oblivion. Watered-down Bible teachings are deceiving millions of well-meaning seekers. You can broadcast Bible truth to these lost sheep.

Target: $156,000
Funding: $4,953

#3  TBN Comeback

TBN is the world’s biggest Christian TV network—and it wants Amazing Facts programs. TBN Inspire reaches millions of households worldwide and is a powerful way to share last-day truth.

Target: $264,375
Funding: $88,094

#4  Share Truth on

Millions of Christians are now flocking to the religious social media app Your support will ensure they have immediate access to valuable end-time truth through Amazing Facts broadcasts!

Target: $75,000
Funding: $12,728

China Evangelism

China is a beautiful but spiritually dark place where people are searching for lasting hope. Millions of lost souls in the Land of the Red Dragon desperately need to be led to the truth about Jesus and find hope for the future.

Target: $330,000
Funding: $115,578

Flares in the Night

The Internet is the most effective place on earth to reach people with the gospel. Investing in Amazing Facts online billboards will lift the blazing truth even higher and rescue more lives!

Target: $500,000
Funding: $106,160

Guatemala Uplift

Guatemala is a beautiful country, but one marked by unemployment, poverty, and crime. Amazing Facts is sending a mission team to conduct practical evangelism to lift hearts and change lives!

Target: $150,000
Funding: $12,272

India Evangelism

India is projected to be the world’s most populous nation soon, surpassing even China! We have an amazing opportunity to answer God’s call by proclaiming His last-day message to multiplied millions in India who have never heard Bible truth.

Target: $350,000
Funding: $101,408

Mobilize an Army of Youth in the Philippines

Young people in the Philippines are anxious to learn how to share their faith. You can now equip them to evangelize the Pearl of the Orient!


Target: $85,000
Funding: $30,326

Reap Souls from the Harvest Fields of Africa! — Support Africa Evangelism

You can train hundreds of evangelists and Bible workers who will reach thousands for Christ in Africa through evangelistic meetings and personal Bible studies.

Target: $290,000
Funding: $16,215

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