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A Completely New Person
Brad’s life was falling to pieces all around him. No job. Lots of bills. More pressure. Failure. Despair. Then God intervened and gave him hope!
A Deeper Connection - Bill
Bill’s life looked great from the outside. His early success in industrial sales propelled him up the ladder into management and a future filled with achievement. His wide circle of friends and business colleagues saw him obviously enjoying the lifestyle of someone who made good money.
A Journey of Hope - Lourdes
“When I grew up, I was always told that I was the ugliest,” Lourdes remembers. “I believed I was good for nothing.” Tragically, she regularly suffered abuse from family members. But God led Lourdes to discover her true value in Jesus.
A Leap of Faith
A major truck accident caused Diana to leap from a 25-foot-high bridge and suffer multiple injuries. But God spared her life and brought her physical healing. Then a co-worker introduced her to Amazing Facts. Find out what happened next...
A Life Transformed
A disabled woman overseas found hope and new life through Amazing Facts resources you made possible.
A Rude Awakening—A New Life in Christ!
It was Kowan’s own father that introduced him to drugs and alcohol. It’s no surprise that his young life was wasting away in a downward spiral. But Jesus knocked loudly on the door of Kowan’s heart—and used your sacrificial giving to lead him to a life filled with eternal purpose.
A Televised Message from Heaven
When Jack watched Amazing Facts on TV, he thought, “Wow—that made sense.”
A Voice on the Radio
Brian’s distorted view of God soured him against religion and sent him sliding down the slippery path of addiction but you helped him find Christ!
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