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A Window of Hope in the Storm
Tragedy unexpectedly strikes all of us at some time in our lives. A grieving husband and father finds hope through Amazing Facts TV after a devastating loss.
A Window of Peace in a Trying Time
Losing your job can be devastating. But through Amazing Facts, a depressed businessman finally found peace and strength for a new start!
Unlocking Locked Hearts
Did you know that you go into prisons with Amazing Facts to help prisoners—many of whom struggle with hopelessness?
Amazing Adventure

Go on a search and rescue mission to reach God’s children around the world through a brand-new evangelistic video series for kids ages 8 through 12.

From Homelessness to Hopefulness
She was homeless and hopeless. An abusive marriage drove her to the streets for safety. But while the physical torture ended, the mental anguish continued. Then, through supporters like you, she found hope.
The Homecoming
He was deployed on a dangerous mission. She earnestly prayed for his safety. Through supporters like you, he carried with him heaven-sent Bible promises that sustained him.
Finding Truth Amid Heart-Rending Loss!
Losing a loved one to the jaws of death can raise many questions. Where have they really gone? Can we still communicate? Your support of Amazing Facts can give them accurate Bible answers about these vital questions!
The Prognosis
The prognosis was grim; hope was gone. The mass in her brain would deprive her of a full life—and leave her children motherless. She desperately needed comfort, but would she find it?
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