Amazing Facts | 50 Years of Evangelism

Amazing Facts | 50 Years of Evangelism

It’s so exciting to look back at how God worked through Amazing Facts for its first 50 years—to see where we began, how we’ve grown, and where we were in 2015. I hope you will be blessed by this historical golden anniversary video, a celebration of God’s guiding hand over Amazing Facts for its first half a century.

I am so thankful for friends like you whose support over the years has made it possible to lead more starving souls to Jesus, the Bread of Life, sharing with them undiluted Bible truth that transforms hearts.

Please rejoice with me now as you watch how God has worked through our teamwork to help prepare thousands of seekers for the soon coming of Jesus! Thank you for your steadfast partnership in prayer and through your gifts!

God bless you,
Pastor Doug Batchelor

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