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A Deeper Connection - Bill
Bill’s life looked great from the outside. His early success in industrial sales propelled him up the ladder into management and a future filled with achievement. His wide circle of friends and business colleagues saw him obviously enjoying the lifestyle of someone who made good money.
A Journey of Hope - Lourdes
“When I grew up, I was always told that I was the ugliest,” Lourdes remembers. “I believed I was good for nothing.” Tragically, she regularly suffered abuse from family members. But God led Lourdes to discover her true value in Jesus.
A Leap of Faith
A major truck accident caused Diana to leap from a 25-foot-high bridge and suffer multiple injuries. But God spared her life and brought her physical healing. Then a co-worker introduced her to Amazing Facts. Find out what happened next...
A Window of Hope in the Storm
Tragedy unexpectedly strikes all of us at some time in our lives. A grieving husband and father finds hope through Amazing Facts TV after a devastating loss.
A Window of Peace in a Trying Time
Losing your job can be devastating. But through Amazing Facts, a depressed businessman finally found peace and strength for a new start!
AFCOE Discipleship Training Program
The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) provides kingdom-building discipleship training for Bible workers, lay people, and even pastors! You can equip people to effectively witness for Christ.

Target: $60,202
Funding: $5,070
Africa and Beyond — 2020 Global Evangelism

Jesus is the “fountain of living waters” (Jeremiah 2:13), yet untold millions have never received Him. Together we can reach around the globe into places like Africa and provide spiritual water to those who are thirsting for more than what the polluted waters of this world have to give. You can offer parched hearts Living Water through your sacrificial gifts to Amazing Facts.

Target: $69,700
Funding: $21,611

Amazing Facts | 50 Years of Evangelism
Looking back over the last 50 years
Amazing Facts | A Mission to the World
"The great commission is, GO ye into all the world and preach the gosp
Amazing Facts | Building Faith in a Fragile World—2017
“You are … fellow citizens … built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.” —Ephesians 2:19, 20
Amazing Facts | Illuminating the Nations!
Let your light so shine around the world
Amazing Facts | Into All the World—2018
Christ’s words identify our audience—every person on the planet—and our work—to go and preach the gospel to them. This was the driving force behind everything we did together in 2018—and it will be the driving force for everything we do in the future.
An Aimless Life Finds Purpose
Jon grew up without a religious background and wondered about his purpose in life. In high school his grades were terrible—and he began smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and getting involved in crime.In desperation, Jon cried out to God.Because of your gifts, Jon now looks forward to a life of service to God.
Bible School Ministry Program
Thousands who are searching for truth are grateful to discover the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides. Available online and through correspondence, these life-saving lessons lead seekers to make a decision to follow Jesus.

Target: $68,946
Funding: $13,645
Breaking the Cycle of Tormenting Fear
Growing up, Nancy heard only about God’s “eternal hellfire” that would be experienced by unrepentant sinners. As an adult, she rebelled against the church of her childhood and turned to a worldly lifestyle in her search for happiness. But she only experienced brokenness and pain.
Building for Eternity - The W.O.R.D. Center

God has so blessed the work of Amazing Facts that our opportunities for ministry exceed our limited facilities. Through much prayer, we are embarking on a bold venture to establish a new world ministry headquarters.

Target: $28,800,000
Funding: $28,627,582

China Evangelism — 2019

China is a beautiful but spiritually dark place where people are searching for lasting hope. Millions of lost souls in the Land of the Red Dragon desperately need to be led to the truth about Jesus and find hope for the future.

Target: $300,000
Funding: $161,997

Coming Full Circle - Dee
Raised in a broken home, Dee grew up unchurched and was only superficially acquainted with the Bible. But when his father began a search for spiritual truth and meaning, Dee was introduced to something amazing, something that opened his eyes to God’s Word. Find out what happened and how he became a powerful witness for Jesus!
Evangelism Ministry Program
Amazing Facts sends professional, compassionate evangelists and Bible workers throughout North America. Our well-trained team presents Christ-centered, educational Bible and prophecy seminars to thousands each year.

Target: $268,855
Funding: $64,802
Expand Television Ministry Impact
One of the most powerful ways you can reach the globe for Jesus Christ is by supporting Amazing Facts’ television ministry, which broadcasts the gospel to 2.7 billion potential viewers!

Target: $908,494
Funding: $136,905
From Atheist to Child of God- Santosh
Santosh grew up in a mixed-religious home that brought spiritual confusion and uncertainty. But when acquaintances invited him to listen to Pastor Doug Batchelor, everything changed! Find out why!
From Chance to Choice
Kip’s life was like a rollercoaster. Even as a professional gambler, he believed that he was a moral person. But a life of self-indulgence did not bring him peace. After years of hopelessness, God led him back to Amazing Facts and a life of freedom.
From Drug Dealer to Disciple Maker - Diamond
Diamond grew up in an environment of drinking, stealing, fighting, and cheating. But at the young age of eleven when his grandmother introduced him to a Sabbath-keeping church, Diamond was given The Prophecy Code DVD series from Amazing Facts....
From Fighting to Faithful- Tony Scarpino
Tony’s life was out of control. Alcohol consumed him. He yelled at his kids, fought with his wife, and had no interest in being the spiritual leader of his family. Then one day his wife got a card in the mail inviting her to watch a series of Amazing Facts prophecy presentations....
From Trouble to Triumph!
Nick grew up as a problem child. He was an alcoholic by the age of 12 and was constantly in trouble in school. He joined the military to try to stay out of trouble, but he got involved with the wrong crowd—“the worst of the worst.” All the while, he knew something inside was dying.
God Makes a Way
Nico had cancer and couldn’t attend church, but your gifts brought church to Nico and his family. Many people are in difficult circumstances and cannot easily connect with a local church—but when you support Amazing Facts, you bring God’s truth to people isolated by challenging situations. Thank you for changing lives for eternity!
Hogwash or Truth?
Bill was agnostic. He was raised in a Christian family, but he drifted from church as a teen. After Bill’s wife gave him an Amazing Facts booklet on creation and evolution, it led him to study and discover more of God’s saving truth.
Hope for a Homeless Addict - Daryl
Daryl's life was a mess. Drugs, alcohol, shattered relationships, and jail time left him feeling hopeless. But attending an Amazing Facts seminar set his feet on the road to recovery.
I Want to Follow the Bible! - Casey
Casey was enjoying a life saturated by worldly pleasures and had zero interest in knowing God or the Bible. But during the trauma of a failing relationship her interest was sparked in spiritual things, and soon she was captivated by a new television program that offered hope and new life in Jesus. This story will inspire you with God’s amazing grace!
Iced to Kill—Melted for Christ!
Michael’s life was falling to pieces. When he discovered his wife was having an affair, he wanted to end the man’s life.
India Evangelism

India is projected to be the world’s most populous nation soon, surpassing even China! We have an amazing opportunity to answer God’s call by proclaiming His last-day message to multiplied millions in India who have never heard Bible truth.

Target: $190,000
Funding: $97,106

International Ministry Program
Amazing Facts’ international outreach is bringing the full and everlasting gospel to people in more than 200 countries. Your gifts also translate our most effective resources into key languages.

Target: $43,955
Funding: $15,637
Internet Ministry Program
Imagine reaching a million people each month with Bible truth! Amazing Facts’ Internet ministry provides more than thirty active websites featuring life-transforming truths and vital spiritual resources.

Target: $96,695
Funding: $12,456
Life-Changing Hope for a Soul in Turmoil-Charlie Green
Charlie felt like the whole world was coming down on him. “One morning I got really mad, and I gave God a cussing like you wouldn’t believe.” All of sudden the TV came on to Amazing Facts. It was a direct answer to Charlie’s cry for help.
Living on the Edge - Andrew
With a chiseled face and rugged good looks, Andrew seems more likely to be a model or an actor than a salmon fisherman. But today he describes himself as “a fisherman and a dreamer,” and when you know his story, it’s easy to understand why.
Making Miracles Possible
Jeff grew up as a Christian but began to doubt God. He gave in to the world, and his life began to deteriorate, with fewer and fewer healthy relationships and more and more addiction. He eventually landed in prison. But God used you, Amazing Facts, and an astonishing modern-day miracle to lead Jeff to renew his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
New Life With Old Scars - Chris Trent
Chris was a tattoo artist and a drug dealer. He went through several broken relationships. Then he discovered Amazing Facts on the Internet.
Publishing Ministry Program
Amazing Facts publishes millions of pages and thousands of hours of Bible-centered resources for sharing and for personal spiritual growth. Help spread God’s truth like the leaves of autumn across the land.

Target: $239,115
Funding: $28,231
Radio Ministry Program
Amazing Facts’ mission is to prepare people for Christ’s soon return by lifting up Jesus Christ as we broadcast God’s message for these last days on the radio. Your gift reaches millions through the airwaves with truth for our times.

Target: $57,141
Funding: $9,424
Reach a life for Christ
Your gift today will help where it is needed most
Saving Truth or Serious Heresy?
After his initial contact with Amazing Facts, Taron realized that he didn’t really know the God of the Bible. He had no idea what the Lord was really like. God graciously guided him in his quest for truth, and Taron came to know Christ through personal study with the help of many Amazing Facts resources.
Shining a Beacon of Truth in a Dark Land
Cyril discovered God’s message through Amazing Facts and is now a beacon of light in Paris. Learn about his testimony of finding Bible truth that he now shares abroad.
TBN TV Ministries

God’s grace is so far-reaching that, yes, even death-row inmate Damas, who was utterly lost in his guilt and shame, now sees hope beyond the grave—because Jesus changed his life through an Amazing Facts television broadcast. Right now, you and I can double our airtime on TBN to reach more people like Damas.

Target: $500,000
Funding: $188,837

Transformed by TRUTH - Ashlee
Ashlee had a big dilemma. As she explains it, “I wanted to serve God, but I also wanted to fit in.” As a young adult, she became weary of living a double life and needed to make a change. By God’s grace, you played a key role in leading her to live solely for the Lord!
You Can Help Him Find Freedom - Chris
Chris lived to get high. Though he grew up in a conservative Christian community, he rejected it all as a teen and nearly lost his life three times. But when his wife threatened to leave him, Chris suddenly found himself on his knees begging God for help … and through your gifts, Chris found hope.
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