Hogwash or Truth?

Hogwash or Truth?

Bill was agnostic. He was raised in a Christian family, but he drifted from church as a teen. After years of living an empty life, the terror attack of 9/11 came and convinced him there was a devil. He concluded, “If there had to be a devil, then there had to be a God.”

When his father passed away, it hit Bill like a ton of bricks. After Bill’s wife gave him an Amazing Facts booklet on creation and evolution, it led him to study and discover more of God’s saving truth. The real turning point came when he heard Pastor Doug preach about hell. The truth about the second death brought Bill to his knees. He finally understood God’s love and justice and accepted the gift of salvation.

Today—because of supporters like you—Bill is no longer an unhappy agnostic, but an enthusiastic believer. Thank you for giving!

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