Evangelism Ministry Program

Evangelism Ministry Program


The apostle Paul asked, How will people know the good news without a preacher? (See Romans 10:14.) Who today will send skilled evangelists out to warn the world?

Spirit-filled Amazing Facts evangelists play a key role in helping seekers understand the love of God and learn the basic teachings of the Bible so they can make a decision for Christ. Your gifts mobilize our evangelistic team to travel throughout the nation and conduct life-changing prophecy seminars. You also support our large-scale Bible events around the world, reach millions via live television and Internet broadcasts. Many of these events are turned into DVDs for wide-scale distribution and are replayed on television, reaching millions more lives in the name of Jesus. Thousands of baptisms take place each year because of your sacrificial support.

A live evangelist often makes the difference when someone is choosing to follow God’s truth. Will you be the link between searching souls and the preaching of God’s last-day message by giving a gift today?

Evangelism Ministry Funding:


Donation Amount (USD)

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • Other$

Can you help every month?

  • Need assistance? Please give us a call at  877-506-1751  or e-mail us at  Giving@AmazingFacts.org.  Please note our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm Pacific Time. You can also  print this form  and mail your donation to  Amazing Facts, 6615 Sierra College Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746.  

    Please remember Amazing Facts in your  will or trust.

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